Twelve Years Later

9_11I woke up this morning before dawn feeling like, well, crap... fighting a cold and feeling overly exhausted. Driving to work as the sun rose in front of my windshield, the radio kindly reminded me what day it was, and I snapped out of my funk. I decided to be overly appreciative of what I do have than mope about what I do not. I may be catching a cold and be a walking zombie today, but I am alive. I have people in my life who support, love and do not judge me. That is the most important thing. I decided to be thankful for what I have that so many Americans lost twelve years ago today. Loved ones, people who are there for us no matter what and who love us no matter what we do. As a young twenty-three year old still learning the ropes of life and still discovering who I am, I have recently learned that human relationships are one of the most difficult aspects of life to balance. Be true to who you are. The people who love you after you figure out what's best for you are the relationships that matter. Twelve years ago, I was eleven. I came home from school and instantly told my mom that we had to call our relatives to let them know what happened. My mom sweetly took me in her arms, crying, and told me that the whole world already knows. At the time, my world was small. I did not realize the huge significance of the September 11th attacks. Many people have grown and many things have changed in twelve years. Babies have been born. Kids have become teenagers. I am so aware of the terror that takes place across our world everyday, and I know I do not fail to remind my family and friends of that often. For my eleven year old self, this shook my world. Now my world is so much bigger, but the power of the events of September 11th has not lessened.

September 11th {and this photo below} emphasizes the strength and support of people to one another. The way people come together after a tragedy such as this is where I find the beauty, and I can smile.

911 People

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