From the Weekend

CT is beautiful Monday has come yet again, but this time around the sun will be setting a littler earlier in the day. I hope you all had a relaxing post-Halloween weekend! The weather was a little strange here in Connecticut and successfully tricked this blonde. On Saturday, I walked outside in a sweater, jeans, hat and boots, expecting there to be a typical November chill in the air. Instead it was 75 degrees. Then, Sunday decided to be a bitter cold day. I didn't dress appropriately for either. Guess I should check the weather forecast a bit more often.

Moving on... Yesterday, Hobson and I had to make a two-hour drive across the state for reasons that I will not bore you all with. We decided to make a day of it. The foliage, which I thought had mostly disappeared, was a brilliant red against the stark contrast of the green evergreen trees. The Connecticut hills looked like Christmas against the clear blue sky. It was beautiful. We made a vineyard stop at Taylor Brooke Winery and bought two bottles perfect for this wonderful holiday season: Cranberry Riesling and Winter Pomegranate. Then, we grabbed lunch and a latte at the famous Vanilla Bean Cafe.

As we were driving, Hobson and I kept saying to each other "this reminds me of Vermont." The eastern side of Connecticut possesses a more rural vibe for sure from what we're used to in western Connecticut. Having visited some of the largest cities in the entire world to some of the most back-to-basic countryside towns in rural Bulgaria, it's crazy how even this tiny state I've grown up in still has the power to take my breath away.

Have a happy Monday! And please, please, please be sure to check out this awesome campaign for Hobson's new cookbook, Men Cook Too. I wrote a short guest blog post on Friday for his website. We hope you'll read up, visit the Men Cook Too Facebook page, and thank you all so much for any support you can give.

Xoxo. You guys are truly the best.

I'll leave you with a few snapshots from Vanilla Bean {iPhone quality}...




From iPhone

{The Vanilla Bean Cafe has become a tad bit famous over the years, as the above walls testify}