Weekend Trek

20130925-110457.jpg Hobson and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for a nice little weekend away. I'M SO EXCITED. I cannot wait for my alarm to go off at 6am. Crazy, I know, but there's something so thrilling of waking up before the sun to begin a travel excursion. I remember being a kid and loving those 3am wake-ups for a drive to North Carolina or elsewhere. That obviously hasn't changed with age {and I'm a person who needs my sleep}! Anyway, our little trip is a little bit of a secret {hint: Connecticut's finest wineries are involved}. It is a trip originated in a work project we have been doing. We have been researching and working on this project for a few months now. This weekend will be the last long stretch of research, and we are hoping to finish it up real soon after. It's an exciting thing for us, and a prime reason why we both love being writers. I promise I'll share photos when we return next week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I know it's only Thursday, but hey, Fridays are fun, right?

PS - I stumbled across this absolutely awesome blog post yesterday. I've never read the blog itself before, but it seems this single post is getting tons of attention, as it should. As a fellow twenty-something year old, I can completely relate to how this part of life can seem to be a race filled with preset milestones. These few paragraphs bring us back down to reality, realizing that is not how life should be lived. I truly hope you read this and take its advice to heart.