Weekly Wishes No. 3 + A Giveaway

New Beginnings It's Thanksgiving week! Eeeek! I'm just a tad excited. There's a joy in the air that I absolutely love. For me, the holiday season is in full swing when Thanksgiving week rolls around. I am very much looking forward to this lovely season, spending time with family and friends, stuffing my belly, getting crafty, bundling up by a fire, lighting candles, putting up Christmas lights, and being thankful for how lucky I am. It's a good life, friends.

But it's also Monday, which means it's time for weekly wishes! Thanksgiving week is always a little less productive on the work end of things and more so on the family bonding. Nevertheless, some work must get done.

The theme for Weekly Wishes today is "new beginnings." It may not be New Year's, but I feel Thanksgiving offers just as much of a fresh start. It gives the chance to pause, look around and change our outlook. Every time I get a reality check or wake-up call, it's the opportunity for a new beginning. And what says clean slate better than a birds eye view from high in the sky? If you're on a plane, you're most likely heading to a new place. The chance for a new beginning is never better.

Anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming... :}


Time to check in on last week's goals.

(one) clean out closet. DONEZO.

(two) put in two awesome writing sessions! once again, did not happen. :{

(three) hit the gym. thumbs up for this one! 3, maybe 4, times last week. It's amazing how much of a positive vibe this little hour adds to my day.


Here's the gameplan for this week...

(one) get the majority of my work done before the holiday on Thursday... I want to relax and enjoy a long weekend with family and friends.

(two) put in two awesome writing sessions. this will be on my list until I get 'er done!

That's all for this week, due to the holiday and all. If I've learned anything in my recent past, it's not to spread myself too thin. Learn to say no. So this week, I will be putting that to the test. One last goal on my checklist would be to consciously celebrate the true meaning behind the holiday and savor these times with the people nearest and dearest to me.

The Nectar Collective

++ If you're new to these parts, every Monday I link up with Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. It’s a wonderful community of bloggers all working towards accomplishing goals and having productive weeks. You won’t find a more positive linkup anywhere on the web. Even if you're not a part of the blogging community and are just looking for a little inspiration, I urge you to set some weekly wishes for yourself. Feel free to share your goals with me in the comments sections or via email. If you desire, I will check in on you part way through your week to see how you're doing and offer up a little encouragement!


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