Weekly Wishes No. 4 + A Giveaway

pig Hello dear friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, whether it was a long one or not. Other than Thanksgiving, family time, and a birthday outing for my sis's boyfriend, the highlight of my weekend was the purchase of my new little baby... named the iPhone 5c! After dealing with months of a shattered front and back of my old phone, I decided it was time to take advantage of the sales this weekend and dive into some brand new technology. The 5c rocks, guys. If you want an upgrade but are weary on dishing out the dollars for the 5s, this lovely little $50 purchase works exactly the same backstage in tech land. Highly recommended.

Moving on, it is time to set some goals for the week! But first, I hope that the picture above made you smile. It's a photograph from July of this year on our trip to New Orleans. One afternoon while having lunch, a pig named Norman and his owner landed in front of us. Not completely used to seeing a pig on a leash in the middle of a city, we of course asked if we could snap a photo. The sweet man gave his permission and proceeded to tell us about his previous pet, a gator! And yes, he walked him on a leash through the French Quarter, too.

Alright, here we go. Goalsetting time. Let's check in on last week's first.

(one) get the majority of my work done before Thanksgiving. I'd say I was pretty successful with this! I worked my butt off early last week and got lots accomplished. But hey, there's always more to get done.

(two) put in two awesome writing sessions for the book. I got in ONE. Finally.


This week's goals...

(one) eat healthier. Since Thanksgiving, I've been stuffing my face with leftovers and other delicious but terribly unhealthy foods.

(two) brainstorm + do a little research for a new project of mine. Until I get a little deeper into this project, I'm going to keep much of it a secret. For now, all I will say is it has to do with writing. Other than that, my lips are sealed.

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I'm participating in yet another lovely giveaway today, this one in celebration of Sabrina from Cattails + Cardigans. This awesome girl has reached an amazing milestone: 1000+ Twitter and Bloglovin' followers! Let's all give her a pat on the back by taking part in this giveaway! You can win free ad space on the blogs of many awesome ladies. Enter up to 48 times below. Good luck and happy Monday all.

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