Weekly Wishes No. 6

love Hello dear friends! I'm hoping you all had as lovely a weekend as I did. Get ready for a few posts this week filled with fun photos. Lately, I've been doing well in the "real photo taking department," meaning non-iPhone pictures! I'm proud + excited to be diving a little more into photography and plan on stepping up my game in the photography blogging world. So get ready!

Well, it's Monday, so time to set some goals for the week.

One. I'm hoping to list another item in our Etsy shop. Hobson and I have been getting pretty crafty lately, so keep an eye out for some new additions. Most of you may be done with your holiday shopping but in case you're not, check out our shop or Etsy in general. I find the best holiday gifts there and you cannot beat handmade!

Two. Get another project finalized so that by next week, I'll be able to share it with you all.

Three. Set up my days so that come nightfall, around 5 to 6pm, I can put down my laptop, camera, pen and paper and shut off my brain for the night. Self-employment has so many perks, but I'm finding myself working 14+ hour days lately. Part of that reason may be that my five year old laptop is rapidly starting to fade and everything is just slow motion lately, but this may also be remedied this week (fingers crossed)!

On a sidenote. Can you believe Christmas is in NINE DAYS?! Something wonderful to look forward to on this Monday.

The Nectar Collective