Weekly Wishes No. 1

Weekly Wishes one

This week's theme is "hobbies" // I kind of have a thing for taking leftover bottles and jars and making them pretty


I've decided to begin taking part in this lovely little series I stumbled upon over at The Nectar Collective, one of my all-time favorite blogs. Working from home is a lifestyle that takes practice. It certainly has its pros and cons {more pros, in my opinion}, but on some days, I find myself easily distracted. To keep my head in the game, I try to mix it up a bit. I'll spend a couple hours some days keeping Starbucks and other local coffee shops in business, and I am going to start taking yoga classes in the morning to add a bit of a jumpstart to my day. Adding structure will definitely be helpful when it comes to being productive during my weeks! So I think this is a fabulous place to start, by making a list of a few goals I'd like to accomplish throughout the week. Normally, I'd do this on Monday.


 {one} get rid of old clothes! I still have clothes at my parents house that have been in drawers since I was probably an awkward preteen. {two} put in at least two good writing sessions for our book. We need to get this thing cranking! {three} while I don't have much control over this, I'd love to see the number of supporters behind Hobson's cookbook campaign, Men Cook Too, grow immensely! It's getting down to the wire. Pshh, ladies! This makes for a great gift for all those boys in your lives!

If you want to join in the fun and link up with fellow bloggers, this is such a motivating and communitive way to keep productive! I can already feel those creative juices flowing.

The Nectar Collective