Why We Travel

Rila Mtns 2 I came across this New York Times article yesterday: Why We Travel. It's a compilation of twenty photos from New York Times readers capturing little snapshots of beauty from around the globe. It's difficult to answer the question why one travels? I have so many answers swirling through my mind. To learn, to experience, to not regret, to witness in person the fascination of how varying cultures are and how absolutely stunning the natural wonders of the world can be. These are some of the reasons I travel. To put all of this into one photograph is nearly impossible, but one of my most favorite natural experiences can be summed up in the above photograph. I took it while living in Bulgaria in the spring of 2011. It's from a day of hiking in the Rila Mountains. To this day, those mountains still have the power to take my breath away. I'd describe it as one of those "Sound of Music in the Austrian Alps" moments. Notice the tiny silhouette of my friend Courtney in the distant center of the photograph really emphasizing how the world has this unique power of making one feel so small, yet still so connected. Why do you travel?