Wine Label Art

DSC_0260 As I've hinted earlier, Hobson and I are complete winos {what one would call a crazy wine enthusiast}. Well, at least we think of ourselves in that way. We are currently working on a little project which requires us to visit all the vineyards in Connecticut and do a wine tasting at each {such tough work}! In all seriousness though, we love coming home with bottles of wine we know we absolutely love. If we don't love it, we usually don't buy it. Our little bar is filled with local wines from our vineyard visits, and it's so much better unwinding after a long day with a glass of local wine you already know is unique and wonderful versus making a liquor store stop on the way home.

I also have a thing for wine labels. If I take a liking to the label on the bottle, I usually am fond of the wine inside too. These photos are from two different vineyards, Hopkins Vineyard and Jerram Winery. I love how contrasting the styles of these labels are. The Jerram Winery labels are timelessly beautiful paintings that fit the taste of the wine perfectly. Hopkins Vineyard did a newer, modern take on their labels. I find them simple yet intriguing. I'd love to hear what you all think!