a few of my favorite words.

pin board 1 As a self-employed creative, it is easy for drive and determination to get lost in the mix of busy schedules, intersecting projects and constant work. When I feel stumped or sense the creative juices seeping out of my hands, I try to take an hour break. I'll head outside for a walk with my camera or spend a little time reading a book, cup of tea in hand. Other times, I turn to Pinterest. In particular, my La Vida board, filled with a bunch of inspiring words to push me back to the that creative mindset and give me the creative energy needed.

Since the method of having motivating words right in front of my eyes works so well for me (most of the time),I decided to make a few boards of my own, hopefully to add a bit of inspiration and creative power to your day. I hope you enjoy them!

pin board 5 pin board 4 pin board 3 pin board 2

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