A Writer's Challenge: a Book in a Weekend

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Hello there! Today, I have a very special guest here on Safaris + Sunsets. The most special I could imagine! I guess you could call him the man behind this blog. He's the one who motivated me to become a writer, and the one who keeps me dreaming bigger every single day.

He's a pretty talented guy. A go-getter. A dreamer, but also a realist when my dreams get too crazy. He never stops, and I mean that. Never, ever stops. Always thinking, brainstorming, writing, creating, making my life better, our life better. So when he decided to take on this challenge a couple weekends ago to write a book in a single weekend, I wasn't the least bit surprised.

And he did it. But of course he did. I do not mean to brag, but there was really never a doubt in my mind that he could.

Writing a book isn't an easy thing to do. It takes brainstorming, planning, research, writing, editing and the long, drawn-out publishing process. But little challenges like these are what keep a creative's mind sharp, constantly growing and adventuring.

But enough of me. I asked Hobson (in case you hadn't figured out that I've been talking about him this entire time) a few questions about the book and the process. So without further ado.....


01. Tell a little about the book.

Well, this book is called "Top 25 Players in Atlanta Braves History." I have been a fan of baseball and the Braves since I was a kid. Not only am I a fan of the sport, but I love the history of the game. For me, players like Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente and Stan Musial are more inspirational figures than the players of today and despite not being around to see these players compete in person or live, I feel more of a connection to them than the overpaid stars of today.

When it comes to this book,I wanted to take a look back at my favorite franchise really get an eye for their greatest players. Considering the team began play in the late 1880s and moved three times before ending up in Atlanta, I knew there were players that are overlooked because of the era in which they played. I wanted to give Atlanta Braves fans, especially those in the younger generation, a book that gives them the history of the team and its stars from Greg Maddux and Chipper Jones to Bobby Lowe and Joe Adcock.

02. What was the procedure of writing the book? Your thought process, schedule, etc.

I actually thought of the concept for the book while working on another book during a getaway to Vermont. On the drive back home, I was writing my introduction for the other book and thought that this would be a great starting point for me in terms of writing a baseball book based on history and statistics. As soon as I thought of the idea, I brainstormed the greatest players in the history of the team and came up with about 15 locks. I then thought of about 30 other players that I would choose the final 10 from and as soon as I did, researched all their numbers, awards and achievements.

03. When did you first come up with the idea to write a book in a single weekend? Was it something you'd intended when you first sat down to write?

This was never the plan. I think I originally decided that I wanted to get the book done in about a week, working on three to five profiles each day. As a freelance writer, I have freedom in my schedule to make this happen. But then a snow storm started my weekend early and with nothing else to do but watch the snowflakes fall outside my window, I began to type up my book. As soon as I began writing the book on that Friday morning, I couldn't stop. I still had other freelance work that I needed to take care of, but for the most part, this was what I worked on for most of that day and the next. I don't remember the exact number, but I think I needed to complete about 12 profiles on Saturday to complete the book and even then, thought I could get it done by the end of the weekend. As I worked all day Saturday to finish the profiles and other side gigs I had, I began to realize that getting the book done was something I could do that day and it was. When I finished writing the book on Saturday night, I went to a freelancing website and hired an editor to look over the text and by Sunday night, my book was submitted for publishing.

04. What kept you motivated?

What kept me motivated throughout the process was the feeling that comes from setting your mind to something and following it through to the end. Whether I finished the book in two days or two weeks, it was going to be a major accomplishment, but let me tell you, the idea of seeing my name published on the cover of a book was a major boost of motivation.

05. Was there a sense of accomplishment you felt at the end of the process? How would you describe those feelings?

When I was done writing the book, I was proud and excited about how the process went from start to finish. I was a bit relieved to be done typing, which is normal after writing more than 10,000 words during those two days (between the book and other freelancing assignments), but more than anything, I was just happy about the chance to have show off my hard work.


Show him some love! This book makes for a great gift for the sports lover, don't you agree? You can purchase Hobson's new book in either paperback (here) or ebook (here).