Xerographica Air Plant

Xerographica Air Plant


This small Xerographica air plant adds life to any space. Display them in a small dish or resting on a shelf or table.

Around 6-10" give or take when you receive. Will grow to over 24" in width. It is a slow grower. Eventually this plant will bloom a beautiful yellow and purple blossom. Once it blooms it then usually signifies it is a mature plant and is ready to have a pup or two. Pups will follow the same life cycle as the mother plant. The mother plant will continue to thrive and grow as well. You will still want to mist it every couple days. We don't recommend soaking xerographicas because they are xeric varieties that have wide leaves and come to you pretty mature. If you notice the plant needs more water up your misting cycles per week. Prefers bright indirect light or shade. No direct sun.

Each air plant varies in color, shape, and size. The image may not be exact.

Can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States due to customs regulations.

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