Labyrinth Linen Kitchen Towel

Labyrinth Linen Kitchen Towel


Kitchen towels are run through the gauntlet. They're subjected to heat, cold, water, scrubbing, scraping, and more. This labyrinth linen kitchen towel handles it all without a complaint, and comes out on the other side with its lovely weight and texture intact. A great choice for the kitchen, this fabric is intricately woven and a joy to touch. Because it's 100% linen, it's highly absorbent and dries quickly, making it ideal for slinging over your shoulder to accompany you around the kitchen. You'll love how this linen kitchen towel softens and becomes even more beautiful with each wash, and you'll find yourself reaching for it every day for years to come.

  • 30" x 17"

  • 100% Oeko-Tex certified linen

  • 2 material patterns: solid and scroll (final photo)

Made by Whitney Surane in Chicago, Illinois.

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