Rustic Roots Soy Candle

Rustic Roots Soy Candle


With a jar made from recycled Spanish glass, natural soy wax, a recyclable lid and a cotton wick, there’s no waste with these sustainable candles. Reuse the beautiful Spanish glass for whatever you choose when the candle is done burning.

The sustainable candle series offers 4 scents:

Rosemary Melon provides a sweet fruit and herbaceous scent with juicy notes of berry, orange, pine, and a sugary vanilla note. It comes in an eco-friendly and sustainable package, and all ingredients are 100% natural. Rosemary is immunity boosting and tension reducing, and also increases energy and focus.

Lemon verbena provides a cleansing citrus scent from the essences of the lemon verbena plant.

Patchouli cedarwood provides a slightly sweet and earthy scent.

Cinnamon orange gives a relaxing scent from an oil blend of cinnamon, orange and clove.

Handcrafted by Rustic Roots Co in New Milford, Connecticut.

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